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Where Innovation Creates Opportunity

It was 1970 when the company that is now Com-Pac International received its first patents on the world’s only liquid-tight, yet reclosable, laboratory specimen bag. Better solutions to packaging’s most formidable challenges have continued to make Com-Pac a leading innovator in the design, engineering, and production of custom flexible plastic packaging solutions.

Today, Com-Pac International is a fully integrated extruder, printer, and manufacturer of custom poly plastic bags, zippers, tubing, and film roll stock for a wide variety of medical, food, and industrial packaging applications.

Our innovations in poly packaging can be your advantage.

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What’s new at Com-Pac International®?

April 10, 2023

We are pleased to announce the start-up of our newest line of manufacturing – injection molding! Com-Pac International® is expanding our market beyond flexible packing into specialty molding. Injection molding plays a huge role in medical components… Read More

95 kPa and Category B Biological Substances – Our Effort to Eliminate the Risk

April 6, 2023

Anyone working the medical industry understands the need for safety and compliance. As a leader in medical grade, flexible packaging, Com-Pac International® pays utmost attention to the details that enable countless companies to rely on our products for … Read More