INF-6300 Infecon Infectious Substance Shipper

INF-6300 Infecon Infectious Substance Shipper

INF-6300 Infecon Infectious Substance Shipper

  • Catalog No: INF-6300
  • Product Size: 15.5" x 14" x 12.75"
  • Quantity Per Case: 4
  • Case Dimensions: 28" x 16" x 26.5"
  • Weight Per Case: 21 lbs.

Com-Pac’s new INFECON 6300 has the best features of both an overpack shipper (INFECON 6000) and a UN Certified Category A shipper (INFECON 3000). The INF-6300 is a combination of both units and provides a shipping solution for any Category A or B specimen. The INF-6300 is comprised of a 1 liter UN certified vessel, bubble wrap, and a carton with the required UN markings to contain the vessel. This vessel will hold up to 20 standard blood tubes. The vessel in its carton is to be placed in the overpack cooler, with refrigerated gel packs or dry ice.

This kit was designed to ship Ebola, Enterovirus, Zika Virus, and Measles. Included in the kit are specific instructions for shipment of Ebola and Enterovirus. It can, however, be used to ship any Category A or B specimen.


  • Temperature protection for up to 76 hours
  • Holds approximately 22 pounds of Dry Ice
  • Expanded Polystyrene Insulated Tub
  • Sturdy Outer Box
  • Infectious Substance/Dry Ice Super Label
  • Dry Ice Super Label
  • Instruction Sheet
  • Specific Instruction Sheets for Ebola and Enterovirus Shipments


  • Cooler
  • Shipping Box
  • Instruction Sheets
  • Package Return Label
  • Dry Ice Super Label
  • Infectious Substance Dry Ice Super Label
  • 1  Liter Pressure Vessel
  • 6 x 7 Mini Super Infectious Substance Label
  • Shippers Declarations
  • 50 ml Capacity Absorbent Sheet 3 x 3
  • Perforated 6 Compartment Bubble Pouch
  • Foam Insert
INF-30001 Liter Infectious Substance Shipper12 / case
INF-6000Speci-Freeze Insulated Overpack Shipper4 / case
INF-3001Complete Refurbishment Kit for INF-300012 / case
INF-30026″ x 10″ Bubble Wrap and Absorbent Sheets15 / case
INF-3003Compartmental Bubble Pouch36 / case
INF-30041 Liter Vessel (4″ diameter 6″ depth)6 / case
INF-3005“O” Rings36 / pack
INF-3011Boxes and Labels Refurbishment Kit for INF-300012 / pack
INF-98356×7 Infectious Substance Label12 / pack
BLP-1000Perforated 6 Compartment Bubble Pouch25 / case
INF-200350ml Capacity Absorbent Sheet100 / pack
INF-6001Replacement Outer Box10 / bundle
INF-9800Shippers Declarations150 / pack
INF-9839Cargo Aircraft Only Label12 / pack
INF-9850Infectious Substance / Dry Ice Super Label10 / pack
INF-9860Dry Ice Super Label10 / pack
INF-9875Infectious Substance / Dry Ice Return Label10 / pack