INF-6000 Speci-Freez® Insulated Overpack Shipper

INF-6000 Speci-Freez® Insulated Overpack Shipper

INF-6000 Speci-Freez® Insulated Overpack Shipper

  • Catalog No: INF-6000
  • Product Size: 15.5" x 14" x 12.75"
  • Quantity Per Case: 4
  • Case Dimensions: 28" x 16" x 26.5"
  • Weight Per Case: 16 lbs.

The Infecon INF-6000 Speci-Freez® is the perfect overpack insulated shipper for infectious substances or diagnostic specimens which must be kept frozen or refrigerated. The lightweight, yet extremely durable INF-6000 holds approximately 22 pounds of dry ice and keeps contents frozen for 76 hours. For added convenience, both Com-Pac’s Super Label for dry ice shipments and Super Label for infectious substance shipments on dry ice are included. This insulated shipper is also designed to stabilize the INF-2000, INF-2050, INF-3000, the Speci-Freez grid system and many other shippers.

Alone, the INF-6000 Speci-Freez® is used as a Category B, Biological Substance (UN 3373) shipper. When combined with and INF-2000, INF-2050, or INF-3000; the INF-6000 Speci-Freez® can be used as a Category A, Affecting Humans, Infectious Substance (UN 2814) shipper. When shipping with Dry Ice you must affix the Dry Ice label to the outside of the shipper.


  • Temperature protection for up to 76 hours
  • Holds approximately 22 pounds of Dry Ice
  • Expanded Polystyrene Insulated Tub
  • Sturdy Outer Box
  • Infectious Substance/Dry Ice Super Label
  • Dry Ice Super Label
  • Infectious Substance/Dry Ice Return Label – Which encourages return of the package for reuse
  • Instruction Sheet
  • Corresponding products to use with the INF-6000 Speci-Freez® are: INF-2000, INF-2050, INF-3000, and 4759-L


COMPONENTS (each case contains 4 shippers):

  • Cooler
  • Shipping Box
  • Stabilizer Sheet for INF-2000
  • Instruction Sheet
  • Package Return Label
  • Dry Ice Super Label
  • Infectious Substance Dry Ice Super Label


INF-6001Outer Box10 / bundle
4759-LVersatile Grid System10 / case
INF-9800Shippers Declarations150 / pack
INF-9839Cargo Aircraft Only Label12 / pack
INF-9850Infectious Substance / Dry Ice Super Label10 / pack
INF-9860Dry Ice Super Label10 / pack
INF-9875Infectious Substance / Dry Ice Return Label10 / pack