Patents & Technology

Com-Pac International specializes in our capability to adapt unique manufacturing techniques to unique customer product performance requirements. As such many of the tooling designs, which we utilize, have been developed in-house and patented by Com-Pac engineering personnel. We currently have twelve method and apparatus patents in force and as many as fifteen domestic and international patents pending.

Other innovative manufacturing techniques include:

  • Liquid-tight side-seal and zipper-to-web seal capability for biohazardous laboratory specimens
  • Leak-proof stand-up pouch capability for NUK Seal-N-Go Breast Milk Bottle Liners
  • Pre-molded zipper manufacturing capability to attach resealable zipper to packaging web for hermetic seal used in packaging fresh-cut produce (lettuce, spinach, carrots, radishes, etc.)
  • Multiple web production of resealable laboratory specimen bags, which increases production efficiency and lowers customer cost
  • Developed dual-compartment specimen shipping containers which allow ambient specimens to be shipped in the same container as frozen specimens, both in compliance with DOT specifications
  • Developed video and on-site training for lab technicians in the safe and compliant handling of infectious and diagnostic lab specimens as required by ICAO, IATA and DOT regulations.