Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Can I store food in your packaging, are they FDA compliant?

Answer: Yes, all products produced at Com-Pac International are FDA compliant.


Question: Do you drop ship your products?

Answer: Yes, we can drop ship to your customers on any full case or more quantities.


Question: Can I get 4 mil film for added strength to my packaging?

Answer: Yes, we can run film from 1 to 7 mil thick or we can use your current or even a lower gauge for your desired packaging and increase the strength with different blends of resins.


Question: Can I have my logo printed on my bags?

Answer: Yes, we have many custom printing options available.


Question: Can I buy direct from Com-Pac International?

Answer: Yes, we sell some products direct and some special products through National Distributors Call 800-824-0817 for more details.


Question: Can I keep your bags in the freezer?

Answer: Yes, we have special materials approved for the freezer environment.


Question: Do you make long term or short term storage bags?

Answer: Yes, we have products for both long and short term storage call for more details.


Question: Do you treat your bags with any antimicrobial agents?

Answer: No, we do not treat, use or add any antimicrobial agents.