International Production and Processing Show this January 27th through 29th, at the Georgia World Conference Center in Atlanta.

January 12, 2015 – Carbondale, IL – Com-Pac International, Inc., a leader in the design and manufacture of reclosable packaging solutions, will be exhibiting at the International Production and Processing Show this January 27th through 29th, at the Georgia World Conference Center in Atlanta.  Visit us at Booth #B-6655 as our capable team will be available to answer questions and discuss the latest developments in the company’s extensive list of products and capabilities.


This year, Com-Pac will be demonstrating our new Fresh-Zip® Zipper-Tape being applied to package film on a Pacmac 9500 VFFS bagger.  Our patent-pending design provides twice the product-side opening force for products such as frozen poultry, fresh-cut vegetables, sugar and many other IQF products.


Com-Pac will also feature video demonstrations of our Integra® RTR-1000 Pre-Applied Zipper Application System.  This system applies zipper to packaging rollstock, creates a tamper-evident opening perforation, and rewinds the zippered film for use on VFFS and HFFS baggers.


An additional video demonstration will show Com-Pac’s Integra BP-I backpack zipper application system which mounts directly to your VFFS bagger and applies the zipper to your film web just before the film travels down the fill tube.


Com-Pac will be placing special focus on our Zip-Right® brand of resealable zipper products suitable for use with almost every zipper application system for a wide range of bags and pouches.  Products to be displayed include:


  • Stand-up Pouch Zippers – 10mm and 20mm ribbed and non-ribbed zippers for cost-effective, high-speed zipper application on all laminated substrates typically used to make stand-up pouches for pet treats, candy, dried-fruit, nuts, and jerky.
  • Liquid, Air and Vacuum-tight Zippers – Super high integrity zipper for all barrier applications with extraordinary internal opening force, yet easy to open from the outside.
  • Double Zippers – Consumer-friendly double lock design to enhance tactile feedback when closing with added assurance of positive closure.
  • Horizontal and Vertical FFS Zippers – Economical single and double flanged for use on all HFFS and VFFS baggers designed to maintain maximum product freshness and easy clean-out of profile closure.
  • String Zippers – Low cost zippers compatible with all in-line zipper application units offering easy-to-crush material for faster cycle speeds and improved side-seal appearance and performance.
  • Biodegradable Zippers – Made with patented TDPA® are 100% degradable within 12 – 24 months when disposed of in a landfill or soil in the presence of oxygen, heat and stress.  Complies with ASTM D6954-04.
  • Inno-Lok® Zippers – Liquid and air-tight zippers designed specifically for Inno-Lok pre-zippered applicators offers easy crushing and efficient sealing speeds.


Com-Pac International’s zipper rollstock is compatible with nearly all zipper application systems including Totani, Zip-Pak, Sunshine, Waterline, Hayssen, Bartelt, Bosch, Triangle, Ro-an, Hudson-Sharp, Park-Air, RD, Mamata and others.


While our competitors may offer their standard zipper profiles, Com-Pac specializes in custom-made zippers designed for your specific application using profile dies which are cut on our in-house wire EDM equipment and manufactured on our state-of-the-art profile extruders…..and all of our products are manufactured in the U.S.A.


Com-Pac resealable zippers can be manufactured in any PMS color desired and we offer a zipper spool recycling program to help reduce your environmental impact.


Be sure to stop by Booth #B-6655 and see the many packages which use Com-Pac zipper and pick-up some samples for yourself!